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Melbourne Bead & Gem Show
Melbourne, Australia 17-19 Aug 2012
Jewelry, Goldware, Silverware
Come to the one show where you can find all of your beads, gemstones, tools and much, much more. Purchase some beautiful handmade jewellery from Jewellery designers, Artisans and Glass Bead Makers....more

JAA Australian Jewellery Fair
Melbourne, Australia 2-4 Feb 2013
Jewelry, Goldware, Silverware
The JAA Melbourne Jewellery Fair is a boutique event with a streamlined format to create an efficient environment for you to do business. Buyers from the southern states who cannot afford the time ...more

Melbourne Bead & Gem Show
Melbourne, Australia 19-21 Apr 2013
Jewelry, Goldware, Silverware
The Melbourne Bead & Gem Show returns to Moonee Valley Racecourse but now in the Octagonal Lounge. A wonderful room on the ground floor with easy access from the venue’s Free car parking ...more


RemaxAsia Expo 2013

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