June 12 - 13, 2017    柏林 , 德国
Infrastructure and Operations (IandO) is a critical component for a healthy IT ecosystem. However, because of persistent and dynamic change, the efficacy of IT operations is increasingly being viewed through the lens of business outcomes. Each day, business users are demanding higher levels of support, speed and innovation. If IandO can't deliver against these expectations, users can always go elsewhere. Beyond Business as Usual. Increase Relevance, Engage Change. The 2017 agenda includes these five research-driven tracks: - Emerging Trends and Technologies - DevOps and Agile - Leadership and Strategy - Optimize IT Operations - Cloud and Virtualization. Delivering prescriptive advice, our analysts will illuminate critical areas in today’s fast-evolving IT operations space. Amid such rapid change and external pressure, how can IT leaders be clear about where the value of IandO resides? By rethinking traditional paradigms and saying no to "business as usual." It’s time to take an outside-in approach to IandO strategies. Get ready to anticipate change and redefine the concept of "business as usual" across people, technology and processes. Join your peers at one of the most important gathering for IandO professionals and get clear-sighted analysis that explores what you and your team must do to effectively link business and IT strategies and maximize the relevance of IT operations. Save €325 off the standard registration rate when registering by 14 April 2017 with promo code: GPIOM1. Please note: This is an English-speaking event.


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