July 5 - 6, 2017    柏林 , 德国
On July 5th and 6th, ConCarHack will take place during the ConCar expo in Berlin. A one-day hackathon where we will challenge developers to hack their best solutions in the field of connected mobility. Organized by VDI, the ConCar expo is THE international trade fair for connected car and mobility solutions. One of the biggest trends in the automobile industry is the connected vehicle, and we want to see what can be developed over the course of one day. Create something new using your existing tech, or by using the provided tech and data. Whether you choose Car2Car, Car2X or Car2Mobile, participants are invited to come out and show us what they got during this one-day hack at Estrel Berlin. Winners receive the opportunity to have a booth and a presentation at the ELIV conference 2017 in Berlin. A prize worth well over 7k€!


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