June 25 - 27, 2012    Singapore , Singapur
Global Pacific & Partners announce the Program for the 17th Asia Oil Week, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore. which includes the 21st Asia Petroleum Strategy Briefing and the 17th Asia Upstream Conference.
It provides an in-depth examination of the competitive upstream oil and gas-LNG strategies in Asian exploration and development with diagnosis of portfolios held by corporate oil, Governments and National Oil Companies, whilst tracking competitors and state players across Southeast Asia and ASEAN, Australasia, China, the sub-Continent (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh), East Asia (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) and in old/new frontiers (Timor Leste, Sri Lanka and elsewhere).


Location: Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore
The 233 tastefully appointed guest rooms and suites, dotted within the lovely six-hectare compound, are housed in several wings - Lobby, Mayfair, Tower and Parklane. The unmistakable allure of these..
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