January 9 - 10, 2010    München , Deutschland
Since 1953, we have been organising specialized fairs for the consumer goods industry at various locations in Germany. Events such as the MUSTERMARKT and BIJOUTEX fairs in Stuttgart and Munich, the HOBBYMARKT in Essen and Sindelfingen, the “Bayerische Möbelmusterschau” (Bavarian Furniture Exposition) in Munich and the TrendForum in Karlsruhe have become known far beyond regional boundaries.


Location: M,O,C,
Every event is different. That is why we think differently at the M,O,C,: flexibly, individually and always in our organizers´ and visitors´best interest. Our claim is based on an event center that..
Kontaktieren Lilienthalallee 40 Munich , Germany
(+49 89) 323 53-182

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