September 8 - 11, 2011    Florenz , Italien
CalcioExpo at a glance
• a reference point for professionals
• A spectacular event for the public
• business opportunity for companies
• an opportunity to reaffirm the ethical values ​​of football
• an extraordinary event with the great champions

CalcioExpo is a great event with many initiatives and proposals, involving all those who contribute to this major sport. A common platform for meeting, to enhance ideas, talents, and investment projects and to support and enhance the business. • Stand and areas devoted to products for football, sports and wellness, companies that sponsor football, spaces for special schools football clubs, federations, leagues, associations • Events, shows and performances with world class, world-class coaches and champions, but also exhibitions, films and theme activities • Special events , from talk shows to charity events, with guests from the world culture, entertainment and information, opinion formers and influencers • Lectures and demonstrations open to all, with coaches, sports trainers, observers, but also champions of all time • Meetings, workshops and conferences with experts, journalists, sports and other roles sector to discuss the past, present and future of football • Technicians and associate professionals, from players to medical and financial advisors, to address the "football system" with the maximum opportunity • Tournaments, competitions and exhibitions, with teams and soccer school , associations and promotion agencies, the presence of observers and scouts


Location: Fortezza da Basso
The monumentale complex of the Fortezza da Basso, built on the outskirts of a mediaeval city from a design by the great architect Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, with the help of Pierfranceco da..
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CalcioExpo September 8 - 11, 2011