January 18 - 20, 2010    Manama , Bahrain
The third annual Oil & Gas Maintenance Technology Conference and Exhibition, like its successful predecessors, will highlight practical solutions to real problems across a range of maintenance topics.

Falling oil and gas prices have cut into operators’ revenue streams. At the same time, mounting environmental and regulatory pressures require diligence in maintaining facility integrity. The combination has increased the relative cost of effectively managing pipeline assets, even as operators recognize the importance of not even appearing to back off on maintenance and rehabilitation of their facilities. Expansion into remote and hostile environments may have slowed, but this again only reinforces the need to keep more traditional facilities operating near the peak of their capabilities.

These converging factors are important to all who operate pipelines, deliver material through them, or service them. Middle East producers seek efficient and safe delivery of their production to an expanding variety of customers. These same customers, meanwhile seek to diversify their sources of supply. Pipelines lie in the center of both efforts

Exhibition Opening Hours:

18 January 10:00 –17:30
19 January 10:00 – 17:30
20 January 10:00 –14:30

Registration Opening Hours:

16 January 07:30 – 10:00
14:00 – 17:00
17 January 07:30 - 17:00
18 January 08:00 – 18:00
19 January 17:30
20 January 08:00 – 14:30


Location: Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre
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