May 8 - 11, 2012     , Poland
862 companies from all over the world, the representatives of the largest international brands and companies, several tons of equipment and over 20.000 fair visitors – the components of the successive edition of the AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA fair. The exhibition was formally opened by the Minister of Infrastructure Cezary Grabarczyk.

Representatives of the largest international companies which operate in the sector of road construction and engineering once again came to Kielce. From 10th to 13th May the 33 000 square metres of exhibition space in Targi Kielce, 20% more compared to the last year, were the arena of the 17th International Fair of Road Construction Industry AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA and the fairs held simultaneously – the International Fair of Infrastructure, Airport Technologies and Infrastructure Exhibition TRAFFIC-EXPO - TIL, the 13th International Fair of Construction Equipment and Special Vehicles MASZBUD.

The companies present at the AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA, MASZBUD and TRAFIC-EXPO fairs have amounted to about 20% of all Targi Kielce trade fair exhibitors for the last ten years; over 15% of the exhibitors at these fairs are foreign companies. According to the data provided by Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, these fairs, alongside with the International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH and the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO have been ranked among the six most leading trade fair events in Poland.

AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA, MASZBUD and TRAFIC-EXPO are the exhibitions which showcase all the products required to build express roads and motorways. The business line of the fairs encompasses the diversity of products – the exhibitors put on display the equipment and materials used to build roads, bridges, flyovers, tunnels, petrol stations as well as road signs, infrastructure solutions for road, rail, water and airborne transport. There were also presentations of traffic management systems


Location: Targi Kielce
Targi Kielce have the second largest in the country of its own exhibition space. As the only center in Poland, Targi Kielce company a market advantage for the presentation of dynamic heavy..
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