October 13 - 16, 2013    Los Angeles CA , USA
The House Research Institute (formerly House Ear Institute) offers a continuing medical education program designed to provide training on the principles of temporal bone and skull base surgery to practicing otolaryngologists, neurosurgeons, and senior residents

The Temporal Bone Surgical Dissection Course puts special emphasis on the common problems encountered in daily practice as well as the latest advances in diagnosis, treatment and surgical techniques. Attendees dissect temporal bones and participate in interactive telecasts of live surgery. Lectures and videos demonstrate the techniques of temporal bone and skull base surgery practiced by the otologists of the House Clinic, Inc. Dr. Jose N. Fayad is the Director of Education.

Costs: Tuition and Fees:

Practitioners- $1,600.00
Residents: $1,400.00
Instrument Rental and Deposit Fees: $350.00


Location: Los Angeles Convention Center
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