October 13 - 15, 2010    Warsaw , Poland
The development of road and municipal infrastructure is the driving force of every economy – the building of new roads, bridges, airports, stadiums and other public use facilities has contributed to the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants, but also attracts investors and the organization of events of international rank, among which Euro 2012 is just an example.

For eight years, the International Trade Fair of Municipal and Road Infrastructure has been one of the most important and the most comprehensive events in Poland dedicated to this subject-matter. The Fair constitutes a platform for dialogue and cooperation between various circles interested in the development of infrastructure in our country. It is also an exceptional meeting place with the representatives of the public sector – road management supervisors of all levels, government administration and self-governments.

This year’s edition of the Fair is looking exceptional – almost 130 Polish and foreign companies from the industry will present their offerings. Among the exhibitors, there will be design agencies, companies rendering services and the execution of projects, producers and distributors of machines, construction equipment, raw materials and other materials, as well as enterprises specialising in equipping public use facilities, safety and traffic management. The Fair’s offer provides a comprehensive list of products and services needed at each stage of the execution of an infrastructural project: from the concept of the infrastructural project to its execution, from design to workmanship. Each edition of the Fair brings along many interesting ideas, plans and solutions which result in new infrastructural investments.

A significant part of this year’s Fair is the substantially valuable programme of accompanying events, created with the support of key institutions operating in the industry; mainly in cooperation with The Ministry of Infr


Location: MT Polska Trade Fair and Congress Center
Modern exhibition hall, easy-to-arrange surface area, convenient access - all that used to be rather a dream and now it will soon become true, since the first stage of the construction process of the..
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