December 13 - 15, 2010    Rome , Italy
This three-day seminar is intended for Compliance Managers, Data Architects, Database Administrators, Data Integration Developers and Master Data Management Professionals, who are responsible for Management of Enterprise Data. The seminar takes an in-depth look at the Business problems caused by poorly managed data, and defines the requirements that need to be met for a company to confidently define, manage and share master, transactional, analytic and unstructured data across operational and analytic applications and processes.
In order to achieving Enterprise Data Management a company needs to invest in a suite of technologies that support end-to-end Data Management activities. These include:

* Enterprise Metadata Management
* Data Modelling
* Data Profiling
* Data Cleaning
* Data Integration (Batch, on-demand and Event-Driven)
* Data Synchronisation
* Master Data Management
* Enterprise Content Management

During the two days we take an in-depth look at the technologies needed in each of these areas as well as Best Practice approaches and methodologies to Data Integration and Master Data Management.


Location: Residenza di Ripetta
Contact via di Ripetta, 231 - 00186 Roma Rome , Italy

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