June 7 - 8, 2011    Tokyo , Japan
Now in its 5th Year, Japan’s Leading Institutional Equity Trading Conference Bring Together Key Domestic And International Buy Side And Sell Side To Discuss The Key Developments, Challenges And Opportunities In The Marketplace

With the launch of Arrowhead, the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has reinvigorated its trading infrastructure and firmly established itself as one of the world’s leading exchanges. Now, with the proliferation of PTS, Osaka Securities Exchange’s new J-GATE system and further fragmentation through broker dark pools, the trading possibilities and opportunities in Japan are more exciting than ever.

By attending TradeTech Japan 2011, you will hear from true experts including Heads of Trading at long only asset managers and hedge funds, government ministers, C-level representatives from exchanges, regulators, clearing corporations, local and international brokers and cutting-edge technology experts. Held over two days, the conference will leave you fully up to speed with the latest developments in a range of topics including algorithmic trading, Smart Order Routing, market fragmentation, regulatory developments, macro economic outlooks and more.

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Location: The Westin Tokyo
Contact 1-4-1, Mita Meguro-ku , Japan IS 3-8980 Tokyo , Japan
+81 3 5423 7000

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