June 8 - 9, 2011
Professionals from leading financial institutions will share their knowledge on challenges in current regulatory environment, risk management & measurement techniques, liquidity pricing and transfer pricing. This conference will offer you a great opportunity to explore the challenges facing banks to comply with the New Regime and solutions & best practices for appropriate liquidity risk management in changing business environment.

* Gain critical insights & challenges behind the latest European regulatory developments
* Respond to new challenges of Basel III and CRD 4 framework
* Understand the role of Central Bank in Liquidity Management & Financial Stability
* Get useful hints how to improve quantitative modeling & stress testing
* Focus on data quality & effective reporting
* Explore effective risk mitigation techniques
* Network with liquidity management experts to share the experience and knowledge


Sorry, this event is quite new so we couldn't find any venue information.
Please check again in the near future.

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