June 27 - 28, 2011    Singapore , Singapore
Annual International Academic Conference on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (BIDW) is a catch phrase that was coined in the mid-1990s to describe taking data from its raw form and turning it into something usable that business decisions can be based on. It is an umbrella term that ties together other closely related data disciplines including data warehousing, data mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, and decision support.

Analyst firm Gartner states that only five to ten percent of companies actually get into BI with a clear strategy, which means that many organizations unfortunately fail within this category. BI is a way to achieve the goal of gaining market share through a solid command of their vertical - which means a clear understanding of data. So when BI is implemented, every effort should be aimed towards this purpose - and the chances of success is skyrocketing. Buying the required BI and ensuring that a large IT team is not needed to implement and maintain, is a way to ensure that investment is smart.

Data Warehouses are an important asset for organizations to maintain efficiency, profitability and competitive advantages. Organizations collect data through many sources - Online, Call Center, Sales Leads, Inventory Management. The data collected have degrees of value and business relevance. Data Warehouses are increasingly used by enterprises to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

The goal of the International Academic Conference on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing is to provide opportunities for academics, researchers, experienced professionals and business people to share their knowledge of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with the world.


Location: Hotel Fort Canning
The Hotel Fort Canning building is the result of the restoration of a former British Military structure. The military building was built in 1926 as the Administration Building of the British Far East..
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