August 15 - 16, 2011    Singapore , Singapore
Quantum computers and quantum information technology remains in its pioneering stage. At this very moment obstacles are being surmounted that will provide the knowledge needed to thrust quantum computers up to their rightful position as the fastest computational machines in existence.

The future of quantum computer hardware architecture is likely to be very different from what we know today; however, the current research has only helped to provide insight to obstacles the future will hold for these devices.

At this point, only a few of the benefits of quantum computation and quantum computers are readily obvious, but before more possibilities are uncovered theory must be put to the test. In order to do this, devices capable of quantum computation must be constructed. Quantum computing hardware is, however, still in its infancy.


Location: Hotel Fort Canning
The Hotel Fort Canning building is the result of the restoration of a former British Military structure. The military building was built in 1926 as the Administration Building of the British Far East..
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