June 6 - 7, 2011    Dubai , United Arab Emirates
Efficiency is a key factor for a bank or any corporate entity to ensure that a win-win situation occurs to improve the process line, people, stakeholders and customers of the bank.No matter what business a bank commences, operations and technology will behave as the backbone of the same.

Middle East banks are now investing into technology and are considering the role of the CIO to ensure stability across all processes within the bank from the back office to the front office. The challenge in today’s bank is to create value for all businesses through technology. In 2011, will CIOs regard their role as just a business entity supporter or do they consider themselves as business leaders?Rejoicing growth in your business with an effective IT strategy will be every CIOs call in today’s global financial market.

With a series of successful banking and financial services events, Fleming Gulf Conferences presents the “MENA CIO Summit 2011” to the IT community of the region’s banking and financial sector. The “MENA CIO Summit 2011” will be a platform where CIOs of banks will formulate strategies on how to create value for all banking businesses through information technology.


Location: Dubai United Arab Emirates
Contact 44 Grosvenor Square Dubai , United Arab Emirates

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MENA CIO Summit June 6 - 7, 2011