5 May, 2011
The 3rd Annual Financial Services Industry Transformation and Outsourcing Strategies Forum, hosted by FSO Knowledge Xchange, is a one-day event focused on recent technological developments and outsourcing best practices in the financial services industry.

A variety of panel discussions, keynote addresses, and industry leader perspectives will address issues such as how regulatory amendments for risk management, outsourcing, and cost pressures are transforming the financial services industry. Participants will discuss topics including risk management, the outsourcing environment and contract renegotiation, technology innovations affecting financial firms, and process efficiencies. Attendees will receive relevant knowledge and action-oriented information through an optimal interactive environment that brings together speakers, workshop hosts, and attendees. The event also provides additional networking opportunities.

Topics covered at the event will include:
The changing global sourcing marketplace in the era of rising on-shore pressures, new challenges, and innovation in the financial services industry
How the developing regulatory risk management framework for RDR, AIFM Directive, and Basel III will likely impact financial services firms
Renegotiating contracts to optimize resources and improve efficiencies
Changing risk allocation strategies to comply with regulatory reforms
Managing the breakneck pace of technology innovations
Driving value through the financial services supply chain
Outperforming competitors in the global marketplace with optimal delivery models
Process efficiencies, restructuring, and evaluating and designing performance metrics


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