May 23 - 24, 2012    Malmo , Sweden
For the second time, Sweden's only trade show completely and totally focussed on medical technology and medical IT is being organised by easyFairs. This is your opportunity to exhibit your equipment, material and services for healthcare.

As are all easyFairs shows, MEDICINTEKNIK & MEDICINSK IT is based on networking and business.

The focus of the show and seminars is directed totally on how healthcare can be developed technically and be made more effective. After speaking with more than 100 doctors, buyers, procurement managers and decision makers, it became quite obvious to easyFairs that there is an unsatisfied need for a meeting place that specifically highlights the technical developments in the health service. The future challenges for healthcare, to a great extent, deal with managing limited resources, ever-faster technical development and increased demand on the health services.

Part of the show is aimed specifically at medical IT, a technical area that has an annual turnover of 7-8 billion SEK. Thus, MEDICINTEKNIK & MEDICINSK IT mirrors the need for clearer integration between medical technology and the health service's specific IT systems. Moreover, a number of important issues are highlighted at the show, including increased quality of care, cost adjustment, how health services can increase their efficiency and at the same time assure high patient safety. These are just a few of the many questions that will be discussed at the show and in its seminars.

Doctors, specialists, nurses, administrators, procurement manager, buyers, responsible politicians, medical technicians, IT managers, etc., have long desired an opportunity for direct dialogue with both existing and new suppliers -- and that's what they'll get at MEDICINTEKNIK & MEDICINSK IT. Here they can also see new products and increase their knowledge (which in turn influences internal procurement processes) and make contacts for fut


Location: Malmö Exhibition & Convention Center
Contact PO Box 534, SE-201 25 Malmo , Sweden
+46 (0)40-690 85 00

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