May 13 - 15, 2013    Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
Why Attend Geospatial Intelligence Middle East 2013?

Maps and charts of various styles have been used for hundreds of years. When the source data (imagery) used for producing GIS products moved from an analogue to a digital form, the ability to digitally combine intelligence imagery and use GIS and imagery intelligence tools, allowed the concept of Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) to develop.

In recent years, this has led to large-scale technological advances in the civilian sphere including, the monitoring of natural resources and climate change, responding to natural disasters, national security and border protection, urban planning, law enforcement and emergency services.

An even more dramatic change has been in the area of support to the military across a wide range of operations. What has changed is how rapidly and precisely geo-referenced imagery (space-based, air breathing, UAV and handheld) can be collected, analysed and GEOINT products can be displayed for everyone from policy maker to military commanders on the battlefield. This ensures that all the decision makers, from the lowest tactical level to politicians, have the same accurate and timely data. With this shared situational awareness, all operations military or civil are more effective and accountable.

These changing tools, systems and technologies that have been developed to support war fighters are now available for use by multiple stakeholders to protect countries from whatever internal or external threats they may face, whether those threats are deliberate, accidental or natural.


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