August 29 - 30, 2018    EINDHOVEN , Netherlands
Eurotrade Fair brings together Europe's leading stocklots suppliers and importing companies. The home base of Eurotrade Fair lays in Eindhoven where the fair is held four times a year. Eurotrade Fair believes that it is important that every fair is of high quality. As the organisation is still growing and expanding, many new locations and fairs are yet to come. Eurotrade Fair is the international trade fair where supply and demand of stock lots only, meet each other. A good mix of different stocklots suppliers make Eurotrade Fair the place to do business. National and international stock lots companies offer a complete range of stocklots, surpluses, liquidation goods and bulk goods. Eurotrade Fair offers you the opportunity to meet different companies, make new contacts and order goods directly.


Location: Beursgebouw
Contact Lardinoisstraat 8, 5611 ZZ Eindhoven, Netherlands EINDHOVEN , Netherlands
+31 40 246 3626


Eurotrade Fair
Apolloweg 2 8938 AT Leeuwarden Nederland

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