April 20 - 23, 2020    Brno , Czech Republic

Visitors: 25000
Exhibitors: 199
As a specialised packaging and printing trade fair, EmbaxPrint is a venue for presenting new technologies, machinery, equipment, materials and services in the packaging and printing industry. EmbaxPrint is the largest specialised trade fair in Central Europe; it is an ideal way to accelerate the market and a space for competitive benchmarking. EmbaxPrint is a trade fair with long tradition in the Czech Republic and Slovakia; it offers a meeting point for experts and representatives of prominent Czech and foreign packaging and printing companies and addresses trade visitors from the areas of automotive, engineering, electrical industries, construction industries, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. It is held in a on a biennial basis, always in even years, and is only intended for B2B visitors.


Location: Brno Exhibition Centre
The Brno Exhibition Centre is the largest exhibition and convention center in Central Europe. The tradition of trade fairs in the city of Brno dates back to the 18th Century. The current layout of the..
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