November 4 - 13, 2011    Toronto , Canada
The Royal Agricultural Show is the biggest indoor show in North America

It is home to world class wines, cheeses, jams, jellies, maple syrup, wool and honey. We are known for pioneering innovations in agriculture, growing the largest and highest quality crops and livestock and for supporting Canadian and international farmers by showcasing their produce for all to see.

Our exhibits offer the cutting-edge influence of the industry through education and entertainment. They are an example of the fact that farmers feed cities and that home and health matter, helping Canadians get closer to the source of their food supply and experience first-hand the preparation and care that goes into bringing the bounty of the field to your dinner plate.

Whether you're an experienced farmer or a city-dweller, this is your opportunity to see the two come together for ten unforgettable days. Come join us and share in the magic of the Fair!

Lieux de Rendez-Vous

Location: Exhibition Place
Contact 200 Princess Blvd, ON M6K 3C3 Toronto , Canada

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