August 28 - 30, 2012    Dalian , Cina
U-World-2012 is a dedicated event for Internet of Things and Ubiquitous Network; it will bring together business leaders, consumer advocates, policymakers and entrepreneurs to explore what opportunities and risks the Internet of Things will offer businesses and consumers, and how these will re-shape our interactions with the real and virtual worlds in the coming years. We hope to build a platform for exploring and discussing the future of IOT with existing and potential application scenarios and the dimension of new services. U-World-2012 will look at how such smart connected objects and indeed cities may evolve in the future and how application providers can provide opportunities from real-life.

Highlights of the Conference
• 8 Remarkable World-class Forums of Internet of Things and U-Network Societies
• 110+ Astonishing Sessions Cover current hot topics and issues related to Internet of things and Ubiquitous Network
• 200+ Oral Presentations from World Leaders covering Politics, Economics, IT Technology, Instrument, Devices, Equipment, Finance/Investment, Education, Academy, Industry, Business and community or other NGOs. Bring you essential information on IOT/U-Net and technology from an array of prominent decision makers, distinguished experts and industrial key players in IOT and U-Network;
• Up to 40-60 Exhibitions and 100 posters reflect Latest Research Breakthroughs, Cutting-edge Technology, Novel Products and Highly Efficient Methodologies from Both academy and industries along with governmental agencies and NGOs;
• 1 Career Fair in IOT
• 500 participants and free visitors
• 1 Art Performances, Culture and Social Event
• Tech-tour to Top 10 Famous Cities or Beautiful Nature Scenarios Areas such as Guilin, Huangshan, TaiShan, SongShan, ErMeiShan, Xihu Lake, Lijiang,Tianshan etc.

• Keynote Speakers
Dr. Christoph Meinel,Dr. Zhen Liu,Mr. Michael Adams,Dr. Bob Heile,Dr. Will W


Location: Hotel Nikko Dalian
As part of Hainan Airlines’ international five-star hotel chain group, Hotel Nikko Dalian stands in the inner city, with unique geographical advantage. Hotel Nikko Dalian is located in the middle of..
Contatta 23 Chang Jiang Road Zhong Shan District ,China Dalian , China
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