November 13 - 14, 2013    Offenburg , Germania

ECOMOBIL - expo & congress

The next ECOMOBIL held on 13+ 14November 2013 for the fifth time at the Messe Offenburg instead.The main topic of the upcoming event will be the energy infrastructure.Plan and design in rural areas and the urban and transport planning are paramount.communities, suppliers, vehicle providers and consultants that are active in the field of urban and transport planning and climate-friendly city or want to get involved, the ECOMOBIL their findings can be used selectively, and discuss issues.


Location: Messe Offenburg
Number of conference rooms: 10 Largest conference room in sq. m.: 5,800 Exhibition area in sq. m.: 0 Total hall area in sq.m.: 0 Grounds in sq. m.: 0 Total conference area in..
Contatta Postfach 2110 77611 Offenburg , Germany
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