September 23 - 28, 2009    La Rochelle , フランス

Visitors: 103000
出展者: 870
Area: 100,000 m2
span style="font-weight: bold;">The Grand Pavois became a major event of the boating industry. The number of exhibitors has been multiplied and the visitors reached 103,000 in 2008. The Grand Pavois became one of the biggest international on water boat shows. 100,000 square meters of exhibition surface (45,000 square meters afloat), 13 thematic areas, 700 boats including 300 afloat and more than 860 exhibitors representing 35 countries. The Grand Pavois is the first autumn show.
It, above all, keeps its own identity... Remember that the Grand Pavois is the only International boat show registered by an association and led by professionals 'for professionals'. Also, keep in mind that the Grand Pavois is completely connected to the International marine market, it sheds light on the production’s true qualities to exportation and importation, and constantly proves the richness, cleverness and multiplicity of the shipyards that are still chosing the GRAND PAVOIS as the first Autumn “rendez-vous”.


Location: Port de Plaisance des Minimes.
連絡先 V.H.F. Canal 09 La Rochelle , France
05 46 44 41 20


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