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In 1976 the Association's Council decided that a trade fair for the technical theatre industry would be a good idea, offering a unique opportunity for technicians to see in one place the wide spectrum of goods and services available. It was not until early 1978 that an opportunity for a do-it-yourself event arose at the Donmar rehearsal room, then in use as a theatre on an occasional licence.

Starting modestly at the Donmar Theatre, the Show was an instant success. The Trade Show has been a regular event in the ABTT calendar since, with the exception of 1983. It expanded to fill the entire Riverside Studios building in 1989. A boycott by some manufacturers, thought to be about a concern of there being too many exhibitions, almost caused its demise in 1990, but it was successfully re-launched as a small scale event in 1991 at the Mermaid Theatre.

Encouraged by the response at the Mermaid, the opportunity was taken to move to the Old Royal Horticultural Hall in 1992. This venue proved ideal for the Show. It grew into every corner of the Old Hall and the ABTT took the decision to move to the larger New Hall in 1999, shortly before the Old Hall closed for a major rebuilding programme. The New Hall proved to be a hit with exhibitors and visitors alike. The 2000 Trade Show was a complete sell-out.

The event was re-branded ABTT Theatre Show in 2001, a move which marked a move to embrace the wider requirements of the theatrical community. The new event was staged in both of the Horticultural Halls and was an outstanding success. 2009 heralds the 31st anniversary of the show and the 16th anniversary of the move to the Horticultural Halls.

The ABTT, as the Show has become known colloquially, is probably better known in some circles than its sponsoring organisation!

The ABTT Theatre Show is the only UK exhibition catering exclusively for the general theatre marketplace. From the start, the ABTT Show has


Location: Royal Horticultural Halls & Conference Centre
The Royal Horticultural Halls & Conference Centre has recently implemented a number of recycling polices. Where event organisers use floor coverings, a new term of hire makes it a condition that..
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