April 12 - 14, 2011    ベルリン , ドイツ
The international PV market is constantly changing. To secure long-term profit margins, you can’t just rely on the proper materials and cell concepts. You also need to exploit production processes and systems efficiently.

Every year, PHOTON Academy convenes a group of CEOs and development boards of leading companies as well as innovative newcomers from all over the world to discuss these issues in a series of panels. This high-quality conference series will cover the following subjects, among others:

* Production processes: quality optimization and potential cost reduction
* Production system construction: measures for increasing production yields
* Cell concepts: from innovative laboratory concepts to mass production
* Costs and prices: trends and predictions for specific sections of the value-added chain
* Markets: status quo and prospects / challenges and opportunities
* Solar power plants: the activities of solar companies and project planners worldwide
* Inverters: modern concepts offering high reliability and optimal efficiency

As the PV sector has reached a terawatt-hour scale in most European countries, PHOTON, the world’s leading solar publishing group, is organizing its Solar Terawatt-hours Conference Series to discuss the challenges of this quick growth – regarding silicon supply, inverter technology, production equipment for low-cost manufacturing, the financing of innovative technologies and the integration of solar into the utility landscape.


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