October 30 - 2, 2014    チューリッヒ , スイス

Zurich is an art city. Its density of contemporary art is unique in Europe. And since 20 years, Zurich has its very own art fair, Kunst Zurich.

Within a few days every autumn, more than 25 000 visitors flock to the special selection found at this distinct show for contemporary art. The Kunst Zurich’s charm is its diversity, from multimedia to photography, installation and classic expression in painting and sculpture. The works range from the figurative to the abstract, from conceptual to spontaneous, from small formats to big scale pieces, from young to established artists, at all price levels.

Kunst Zurich is not only an art fair, but a place for lively exchange and sustainable contacts in the international art world.


At this years gathering, the Kunst Zurich Advancement Art Award will be announced for the second time. Dotted with 25.000 Swiss Francs, it is one of Switzerland’s most prestigious awards.

Visitors in Zurich at the end of October have the unique opportunity to focus on a selection of current artistic trends and expression from around the globe. Kunst Zurich is an ideal place for every collector to make unusual discoveries.

70 galleries from Switzerland as well as from abroad take part in this years show and present a global selection of contemporary visual arts.

In addition to the show’s classic program of contemporary to modern art, the sponsor booths presents a new and coming generation of galleries and artists.

You will be delighted with your visit to KUNST 14 ZURICH in the spectacular setting of an old factory building that is the perfect backdrop for the artwork.


Location: ABB Eventhalle 550
連絡先 Birchstrae 150 8050 Zrich-Oerlikon Zurich , Switzerland


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