November 3 - 5, 2017    カールスルーエ , ドイツ
Indoor Steam Engine Meeting heads in a new direction: In future alternately in Cologne and Friedrichshafen!

When the cog wheels of an elegant highly-polished miniature steam train interlock perfectly, it is a joy to watch for all those who love such immaculate mechanical rhythm. But every now and then there is a change in route profile and the course of the steam train has to be corrected. Just as Messe Sinsheim is cur-rently doing for the world's largest indoor meeting for live steam models: 'Echtdampf-Hallentreffen' will no longer take place in Karlsruhe, but instead will be held alternately in Cologne and Friedrichshafen.


Location: Messe Karlsruhe
The KMK corporation shows its locations: Congress Centre and Concert Hall; Europahalle for sports and pop concerts; Trade Fair Center.
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