November 20 - 21, 2017    ブリュッセル , ベルギー
This accredited certification advanced training course is designed to provide you with knowledge on international protocol and to empower and sharpen you diplomatic and business communication skills. This hands-on training gives you insights into the art of interaction in a multicultural environment and includes a dynamic workshop on multilateral diplomacy and organisation of a conference. Due to the fact that cross-cultural differences can obstruct communication and interpersonal relationships, this training aims to encourage and promote clear lines of successful multicultural communication. You'll learn how to handle any protocol issues you would come across when organising or attending an international conference. Furthermore, the aim of this training session is to reduce the level of frustration, anxiety, uncertainty and concern when communicating at various levels with people from around the globe. You'll work with top Europrotocol experts facilitating the programme and you'll participate in the dynamic group workshops and discussions about currently used norms and proper rules of international protocol that you need to understand if you are either handling the organisation and logistics pertaining to the high-level visits or if you participate in such events and get in personal contact with distinguished visitors. The group workshop will include planning and establishing the order of precedence and preparing agendas... Benefits: - Mastering international protocol and multilateral diplomacy. - Sharpened interpersonal skills when planning, coordinating and participating in conferences and other events at the international level. - Encouraged confidence through cross-cultural training. - Understanding Chinese dining etiquette. - Ability to work in international environment and mastering cross-cultural communication You will greatly benefit from attending the General level course first before attending the Advanced level course. Therefore, we strongly recommend re


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