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Dalian International Convention Center

East Renmin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian , China
Dalian International Convention Center covers an area of 4.3 hectares, with 146,800 square meters of construction area, measuring 59 meters in height. There are a total of 5 floors in the building, including an underground floor used as a garage and logistics service space. The first floor is the great hall, while the second floor is a multi-media workshop, equipment room and comprehensive service area. The third floor of the building is a multi-functional hall with a capacity of up to 1,800 people, and 6 large and medium meeting rooms. On the fourth floor, there are 26 small meeting rooms, 2 multi-functional VIP halls and 2 multi-media meeting rooms. In addition, in the central area of the second to fourth floor, there is a 1,650-seat grand theater.

COOP HIMMELB(L)AU's Dalian International Conference Center in China is winner of the Wallpaper* Design Award in the category "Best Building Sites". The magazine Wallpaper belongs to the most influential international print media in the area of architecture and design, and is considered as trendsetter in the trade among architects, designers and other creatives.



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