April 14 - 17, 2011    Grenoble , Франция

Placed more than ever under the banner of sustainable housing and building low energy consumption, the show will make an offer almost exhaustive in the areas of home wood and renewable energy. Many highlights and events are associated each year as the show: the biennial Passion du Bois, the presentation of projects and achievements of architects, conferences and workshops, a space dedicated to renewable energy, the 5th National Conference Building Powerful and 6th edition of the national contest "the Laurel Wood Construction", etc.. More than 30,000 visitors, general public and professionals are expected to Grenoble.

Место проведения

Location: Alpexpo
Plazza Alpexpo offers well-equipped, spacious and comfortable accommodation. The Alpexpo exhibition centre, the Grand Place shopping centre, the Le Summum concert hall and the Pôle Sud ice-skating..
Обратная связь Avenue dInnsbruck BP 2408, 38 034 Cedex Grenoble , France