September 19 - 21, 2016    Лас-Вегас NV , США
BUSINESS DISRUPTION IN THE AGE OF CLOUD In the cloud 2.0 era, transformation is occurring across the market, encompassing a variety of challenges and innovations. Service providers are looking to evolve their cloud strategy in a way that leverages their vendor and strategic partnerships. They are also faced with choosing new vendors to work with, creating the right service offerings for their customers, and implementing the correct go-to-market plan that will maximize direct and indirect sales. This is all happening as investors are coming off record-breaking years, wondering what’s next and looking to ensure that the considerations for investments and acquisitions are of the utmost strategic imperative. This year’s Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit will examine both the strategic and technical aspects of transformation. We will outline the platforms and technology, the strategies and tactics, the trends and buying behavior that are needed for service providers, vendors and their financial backers to address business disruption in the age of cloud. Booking:

Место проведения

Location: Bellagio Resort & Casino
Обратная связь 3600 S Blvd., P.O. Box 7700 Las Vegas , USA
89109 • 888.987.6667


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