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12/25/2012  - 12/31/2017
Venue: CV GLOBAL LOGISTICS CO LTD,   Shenzhen, China
Categories: Transportation, Logistics

Note: This is an ad service and not an event.CV Global Logistics Co.,Ltd., as the logistics department of China Arts Inter Trans CO.,Ltd. (MOC-NV02324), located in shenzhen,south of china. As a professional and international logistics company, CV provides oceanfreight, airfreight, multi- transportation, warehousing., logistics management and logistics chain service. China Arts Inter Trans Co., Ltd., was established in 1993,with a registered capital of RMB 5,000,000 , is the sabsidiary of ...more

Shiptec China
Shiptec China 10/21/2014  - 10/24/2014
Venue: Dalian World Expo Center,   Dalian, China
Categories: Shipping, Shipbuilding, Port EquipmentTransportation, Logistics

For the past 12 years since 1998, the biennial Shiptec China has been playing an important role in strengthening links and cooperation between China and international maritime industry, and in maintaining a healthy and sustained development of the industry on this part of the world. It’s grown to one of the leading maritime shows in Northeast Asia....more

EURO-LIFT 10/22/2014  - 10/24/2014
Venue: Targi Kielce,   , Poland
Categories: Building, ConstructionTransportation, Logistics

EURO-LIFT expo is the only event of this kind held in our part of Europe. Until now the lift business sector, in spite of its significant potential, has not gained proper recognition in Poland. EURO-LIFT provides the opportunity to present market’s best-selling products and to hold unveilings of new short distance transport equipment. ...more

LUXE PACK - MONACO 10/23/2014  - 10/25/2014
Venue: NO VENUE,   ,

TOUR SALON 10/23/2014  - 10/25/2014
Venue: Poznan International Fair Grounds,   Poznan, Poland
Categories: Transportation, LogisticsTravel, Tourism

TOUR SALON - the most important trade fair for the tourism industry will be held for the twenty-fifth time on the fairgrounds of Poznań International Fair on 23-25 October 2014. The Poznań event will provide all the interested with an opportunity to reach both industry and individual customers in one place at one time. Moreover, a large group of exhibitors and visitors from abroad make the event an excellent promotion of Poland also in the international arena. Opening hours for visitors 23 ...more

RAILWORLD Summit 10/24/2014  - 10/25/2014
Venue: NO VENUE,   ,

International Conference on Cardiology & Cardiovascular Medicine Research (CCMR)
International Conference on Cardiology & Cardiovascular Medicine Research (CCMR) 10/27/2014  - 10/28/2014
Venue: Hotel Fort Canning,   Singapore, Singapore
Categories: Safety, SecurityTransportation, Logistics

The Annual International Conference on Cardiology & Cardiovascular Medicine Research (CCMR) aims to be a platform for researchers, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and educators all over the world to present, share and exchange new medicine studies, research results, research analysis, innovations and advances in dealing with heart disorders or cardiovascular disease. The theme tends to be broad to incorporate the overarching perspective within the field of Cardiology and Cardiovascular ...more

CeMAT ASIA 10/28/2014  - 10/31/2014
Venue: NO VENUE,   ,

Iraq Telecoms Conference
Iraq Telecoms Conference 10/28/2014  - 10/30/2014
Venue: NO VENUE,   ,

Ship Air-Emissions Management
Ship Air-Emissions Management 10/28/2014  - 10/30/2014
Venue: Queen Mary Event Park,   Long Beach, USA
Categories: ManagementShipping, Shipbuilding, Port EquipmentTransportation, Logistics

Find the Most Cost-Effective, Compliant Solutions as the New Requirements Come Online - Assess the latest updates from the U.S. Coast Guard, EPA, and Representing: IMO on compliance and enforcement for both old and new ships - Explore technology, ship retrofit and fuel alternatives – scrubbers, diesel, LNG – to cut SOx and NOx emissions cost-effectively - Strategize how ship owners, operators, ports and suppliers can best comply with exhaust gas emission rule requirements, testing, and ...more

AutoBelService. BelTransService - International Trade Fair
AutoBelService. BelTransService - International Trade Fair 10/29/2014  - 11/1/2014
Venue: NO VENUE,   ,

Crude By Rail
Crude By Rail 10/29/2014  - 10/30/2014
Venue: Westin Galleria Houston,   Houston, USA
Categories: Advertising, MarketingEnergyEnvironmental ProtectionTransportation, Logistics

The Second Annual Flagship Crude by Rail 2014: Rail Car Availability, Market Opportunities And Capacity Expansion Summit, taking place this October 29-30 in Houston will once again bring together the key stakeholder representatives of the Crude by Rail industry to share exclusive insights with a brand new agenda....more

Electrification Infrastructure: Whole Life Cost Reduction Congress
Electrification Infrastructure: Whole Life Cost Reduction Congress 10/29/2014  - 10/30/2014
Venue: Lancaster Hotel London,   london, United Kingdom
Categories: Transportation, Logistics

At the 3rd Annual Electrification Infrastructure: Whole Life Cost Reduction Congress 2014, the only event dedicated to rail electrification in Europe, department heads and senior engineers from across the globe will showcase the results of their latest OHL designs, construction methods and maintenance regimes and examine how their successes in cost saving and reliability improvement can be transferred to your railway company....more

ICT & Logistiek - Trade Show and Conference for IT Solutions in Trade, Transport and Logistics
ICT & Logistiek - Trade Show and Conference for IT Solutions in Trade, Transport and Logistics 10/30/2014  - 10/31/2014
Venue: NO VENUE,   ,


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