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6/6/2009  - 6/10/2009
Venue: New Orleans Convention Center,   New Orleans, USA
Categories: Catering, Common FeedingFood IndustryFood Processing

The IFT 2009 Annual Meeting & Food Expo is the ONLY event that brings together decision-makers from all of the many disciplines involved in food science and technology for scientific education and career development. Each year, professionals in R&D and other scientific/technical positions, as well as in corporate management, purchasing, consulting, academia, government/regulatory, and technical sales and marketing attend the IFT  Expo. They come to exchange information, gain ...more

3/5/2009  - 3/8/2009
Venue: New Orleans Convention Center,   New Orleans, USA
Categories: Food IndustryFood ProcessingNatural & Organic Food

NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST is the world’s largest natural and organic products trade show. Join over 50,000 attendees this years Natural products expo west for a chance to see over 3000 exhibits, sample tons of new products and explore new ideas that can all help your business grow. ...more

ACF National Convention 2009
7/11/2009  - 7/14/2009
Venue: Marriott's Orlando World Cente,   Orlando, USA
Categories: Catering, Common FeedingFood IndustryFood Processing

The ACF National Convention promises to provide more of what you want: MORE continuing education, MORE professional development and MORE meaningful programs. Be part of the biggest annual gathering of chefs, students and foodservice professionals in the U.S. An array of workshops, seminar, cooking demonstrations, networking and social functions await you at the ACF National Convention....more

GIDA 2009 - 17 International Food Products and Food Processing Technologies Exhibition
12/2/2009  - 12/5/2009
Venue: CNR EXPO,   Istanbul, Turkey
Categories: Food IndustryFood ProcessingMeat IndustryNatural & Organic FoodPackaging

GIDA  is the most encompassing International Food Fair Brand in Turkey and a unique meeting platform to develop business contacts and international ties with European, Mediterranean, Asian, Middle Eastern, Balkan, CIS and Russian Markets. Hence it stands for a right time and place to discuss strategies for key issues facing global food industry around the world. The fair is organized with the support of Ministry of Agriculture and Federation of Food & Drink Industry Associations of ...more

9/23/2009  - 9/26/2009
Venue: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center,   Boston, USA
Categories: Food IndustryFood ProcessingNatural & Organic Food

Natural Products Expo East is where success takes root. Exhibiting puts you in the path of buyers that are eager to stock your product and watch it fly off their shelves! Click to view the 2009 Exhibitor Information Kit Economic uncertainty is on the horizon and your business needs to do more than just winter the storm. With over 25,000 attendees, unlimited networking opportunities, and a little fun thrown in, see how far you can grow at the largest natural, organic, and healthy ...more

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