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Fire & Security Pakistan
3/10/2015  - 3/12/2015
Venue: PAK CHINA FRIENDSHIP CENTER,   Islamabad, Pakistan
Categories: Fire ProtectionMaterial HandlingPublic Services, Municipal Equipment

Safe Secure Pakistan Conference 11th March 2015 | Pak-China Friendship Centre Islamabad Redefining Security with Latest Technologies The globalized environment leads to dynamic risks and challenges which in turn require national-based safety and security systems to include new practices, initiatives, technological advancements and revised standards with more focus on meeting emerging security requirements. This year, the objective of Safe Secure Pakistan Conference is to ...more

Local Government Financial Sustainability
Local Government Financial Sustainability 3/11/2015  - 3/12/2015
Venue: Rydges Sydney Central,   NSW, Australia
Categories: Banking, FinancePublic Services, Municipal Equipment

Financial sustainability is a huge issue for councils around Australia and, in particular, NSW with ‘Fit for Future’ reforms underway. This conference has been designed to provide those council representatives who are responsible for driving financial sustainability with guidance on how they can do this most effectively. It will do this through a series of presentations from key government representatives, leading Australian and international experts and from those councils making progress ...more

Pathways for Vulnerable Children
3/17/2015  - 3/18/2015
Venue: CQ Functions Melbourne,   Melbourne, Australia
Categories: ManagementPublic Services, Municipal Equipment

The number of children in Out of Home Care is constantly increasing. Both government and community service providers are finding it difficult to build organisational capacity whilst at the same time ensuring the safety of children in care. The Pathways for Vulnerable Children Conference will examine the latest strategies promoting collaboration and innovation to improve service delivery and quality of care for vulnerable children. You will learn how to: * Build organisational capacity to ...more

International Conference on Biocontainment Facilities
International Conference on Biocontainment Facilities 3/18/2015  - 3/19/2015
Venue: NO VENUE,   ,

RISSB Rail Safety Conference
RISSB Rail Safety Conference 3/24/2015  - 3/26/2015
Venue: The Langham Hotel Melbourne,   Southbank, Australia
Categories: Business consultingPublic Services, Municipal EquipmentSafety, SecurityTransportation, Logistics

In order to provide our delegates with the widest exposure to global best practice, the conference will feature international case studies, and sessions from safety professionals from other safety critical industries, all sharing their learnings and experiences with the rail industry....more

Community Engagement Australia
3/25/2015  - 3/26/2015
Venue: Sydney Sebel Surry Hills,   Sydney, Australia
Categories: Environmental ProtectionPublic Services, Municipal Equipment

Measuring and evaluating engagement activities to achieve long term outcomes Building common analysis and comparison of engagement, education and awareness activities Developing pull engagement strategies to support decision making and performance Working collaboratively with community for effective decision making Encouraging an online engagement approach in a risk adverse environment Aligning online engagement strategies with your existing face to face strategies CASE STUDIES and ...more

The Inaugural Canberra Leadership Colloquium - Future Leaders
The Inaugural Canberra Leadership Colloquium - Future Leaders 3/26/2015  - 3/27/2015
Venue: Hyatt Hotel Canberra,   Canberra, Australia
Categories: Public Services, Municipal Equipment

Faced with a rapidly changing international outlook, the strategic governance of Australia's political, economic and social sectors are faced with a new paradigm - how to enable continued prosperity and growth in a climate of increasing change and uncertainty, now and into the future. The colloquium will take the form of a high-level policy driven forum where delegates will hear from some of Australia's most iconic and prominent leaders including: senior ministers, public sector officials, ...more

Native Philanthropy Institute Annual Conference
Native Philanthropy Institute Annual Conference 4/3/2015  - 4/5/2015
Venue: NO VENUE,   ,

INTERALPIN - International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies
INTERALPIN - International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies 4/15/2015  - 4/17/2015
Venue: Messe Innsbruck,   Innsbruck, Austria
Categories: Public Services, Municipal EquipmentSafety, Security

In black and white – the Interalpin is the leading International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies21,600 trade visitors – more than ever before – from over 70 nations and more than 600 exhibitors from 45 countries came to Messe Innsbruck in April 2013. A representative visitor and exhibitor survey carried out by the Swiss market research institute Wissler & Partner confirms the Interalpin’s uncontested position as the leading International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies. Both exhibitors ...more

DIKOM Expo - Süd
DIKOM Expo - Süd 4/16/2015  - 4/17/2015
Venue: NO VENUE,   ,
Categories: Public Services, Municipal Equipment

VACUUMTECHEXPO 4/16/2015  - 4/18/2015
Venue: NO VENUE,   ,
Categories: ChemistryDesign, Industrial DesignPublic Services, Municipal Equipment

Bidding and Tendering in the Public Sector
Bidding and Tendering in the Public Sector 4/16/2015  - 4/17/2015
Venue: NO VENUE,   ,


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