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LPG Trade Summit
Istanbul, Turkey 12-14 Nov 2012
Oil, Gas
7th LPGtrade Summit presents a GLOBAL LPG discussion agenda on:• Global LPG market: Trade Flow & Dynamics of Demand, Supply & Pricing• Marco Economic Outlook of Europe & Beyond• Incremental ...more

International Gasoline Additives Conference
Istanbul, Turkey 28-29 Nov 2012
Automobiles, Automotive Parts Oil, Gas Petrochemistry
Merchant Research & Consulting, Ltd is happy to launch its new Conference Project, the International Gasoline Additives Conference 2012. In view of the globally growing production and demand on ...more

Gas Turkey Exhibition
Istanbul, Turkey 26-28 Mar 2013
Oil, Gas Petrochemistry
The 5th edition of LPG, CNG, LNG Fair which sets the sectors agenda, was held at CNR Expo Centre.Making its improvement pace stable, Gas Turkey has become a platform where the countries of importance ...more

LPG & CNG - International LPG - CNG Exhibition
Istanbul, Turkey 28-30 Mar 2013
Oil, Gas
Offering significant contributions to the growth potential of the gas sector in Turkey and its first and only specialized exhibition in the field of the International LPG, CNG, LNG Trade Fair - Gas ...more

Argus European Base Oils Markets
Istanbul, Turkey 19-20 Mar 2014
Oil, Gas
The Argus European Base Oils Markets 2014 conference will take place on 19-20 March, in Istanbul, Turkey. After a successful inaugural event in 2013, the second Argus European Base Oils Markets ...more

ICOGPE- International Conference on Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering
Istanbul, Turkey 20-21 Jun 2014
Energy Oil, Gas
International Conference on Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research ...more


RemaxAsia Expo 2013

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