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Biomarker World Congress
Biomarker World Congress 4/30/2014  - 5/2/2014
Venue: Loews Philadelphia Hotel,   Philadelphia, USA
Categories: HealthMedicinePharmaceuticals

This year’s event featured more than 400 participants, from 27 different countries and more than 260 different organizations (including 27% from Big Pharma). The congress offered a balance of scientific sessions and ample networking opportunities. More than 65% of the participants were decision makers. The latest research and strategic presentations and brainstorming sessions were featured at this year’s event. The Biomarker World Congress once again delivered, with more than 100 ...more

Big Data & Analytics for Pharma
Big Data & Analytics for Pharma 6/11/2014  - 6/12/2014
Venue: Rittenhouse Hotel,   Philadelphia, USA
Categories: HealthOffice TechnologyPharmaceuticals

The Big Data & Analytics for Pharma summit brings together leading industry executives, sharing unique insight into the innovations that are driving success in their organisations.Hear from leading experts and gain insight into the analytics strategies and processes implemented by some of the worlds most successful Pharma organisations. The summit will provide a platform to meet, discuss and learn from fellow experts working within the analytics field. With over 150 like-minded big data & ...more

Past Events

Companion Diagnostics Forum
Philadelphia, USA 27-29 Apr 2011
Health Pharmaceuticals Wellness
IQPC’s Companion Diagnostic Forum will take an in-depth look at challenges with implementing drug-diagnostic co-development, regulatory hurdles to overcome, best practices in the diagnostics field ...more

Biomarker World Congress
Philadelphia, USA 2-4 May 2011
Health Medicine Pharmaceuticals
Track 1: Biomarkers in Drug Development• Biomarkers for drug safety assessment• Translational biomarkers• Personalized medicineTrack 2: Biomarkers in Molecular Diagnostics• Biomarker assay ...more

U.S - China Pharma
Philadelphia, USA 23-24 May 2011
Medicine Pharmaceuticals Physicians
Join U.S.-CHINA PHARMA and meet face-to-face with hundreds of visionaries who are shaping the future R&D landscape between the United States and China. Compare and explore different discovery ...more

World Pharmaceutical Congress
Philadelphia, USA 7-9 Jun 2011
Health Medicine Pharmaceuticals
Drug Safety Summit Monitoring Cardiotoxicity Detecting Nephrotoxicity Early ADME/DMPK Predictions Predicting Hepatotoxicity Drug Discovery Summit Targeting Alzheimer’s Disease Targeting Pain with ...more

Targeting Pain with Novel Therapeutics
Philadelphia, USA 7-8 Jun 2011
Health Medicine Pharmaceuticals
TARGETING ION CHANNELSSodium Channels as Therapeutic Targets in Pain: Many Isoforms, Many Actions, Many OpportunitiesStephen G. Waxman, M.D., Ph.D., Bridget Marie Flaherty Professor of Neurology, ...more

In Vivo Molecular Imaging
Philadelphia, USA 8-9 Jun 2011
Health Medicine Pharmaceuticals
IN VIVO MOLECULAR IMAGING AS AN ESSENTIALTOOL IN DRUG DISCOVERY AND DEVELOPMENTKeynote Presentation: Imaging Biomarkers in Drug DevelopmentJeffrey Evelhoch, Ph.D., Vice President, Exploratory & ...more

Annual Global Pricing and Reimbursement for Med Device and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers
Philadelphia, USA 14-15 Jun 2011
Biotechnology General Pharmaceuticals
Global Pricing and Reimbursement Strategies are quickly becoming a key role in the Bio-Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. With a number of countries looking for ways to save money, more ...more

ExL Pharma's Effective Business Development for Clinical Trial Service Providers
Philadelphia, USA 19-21 Jul 2011
Neurology Pharmaceuticals
Early Bird Pricing Register before June 10, 2011 Conference & Workshop  $2095 Conference Only  $1795 Standard Pricing Register after June 10, 2011 Conference & Workshop ...more

Cold Chain Distribution for Pharmaceuticals Global Forum
Philadelphia, USA 26-29 Sep 2011
Medicine Pharmaceuticals
The annual Cold Chain Global Forum is the largest, most recognized conference for understanding today's practices, technology and business solutions for temperature control logistics, supply and ...more

Annual Latin America Clinical Trials
Philadelphia, USA 19-21 Mar 2012
The 8th Latin America Clinical Trials conference will provide attendees current information on the challenges and opportunites for conducting clinical research in the Latin America region. It has ...more

Improving Solubility
Philadelphia, USA 28-30 Mar 2012
Maximizing Bioavailability and Expediting Time-to-Market for Poorly Soluble Drug CandidatesWorking off of last year’s tremendous success, the 6th Improving Solubility Conference will provide you with ...more

Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Compliance
Philadelphia, USA 4/30-5/2/2012
Complying with GDP is key to protecting product integrity and ensuring patient safety.And you know the consequences of not complying can be disastrous; product recall, a threat to patient wellbeing, ...more

U.S - China Pharma
Philadelphia, USA 9-10 May 2012
Medicine Pharmaceuticals Physicians
Despite mounting pressure from stockholders to discover the next blockbuster drug, R&D budgets are being reduced. Outsourcing drug discovery provides one solution, and China is an ideal partner for ...more


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