January 27 - 28, 2011    London , Reino Unido
“We are now, in relation to the problem of cyber-warfare, at the same stage of intellectual development as we were in the 1950s in relation to possible nuclear war." John Chipman, Director-General IISS

Much like the nuclear bomb, Cyber warfare is set to revolutionise the way the wars of the future will be fought. The speed and anonymity of cyber attacks, coupled with the lack of cyber arms control, means that hostile governments and non state actors will increasingly look to wage war in the cyber realm.

With over 160 attendees from 18 nations last year, Defence IQ’s Cyber Warfare has become the premium European forum at which to make sense of these developments in cyber space and ensure that your nation is at the forefront of this evolution in war fighting.


Location: American Square Conference Centre
Contact 1 America Square 17 Crosswall London EC3N 2LB Twickenham , United Kingdom

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