August 17 - 18, 2013    NO CITY MN , Estados Unidos
The Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association is the largest and oldest weapons collectors group in the state of Minnesota.

The MWCA was established by a group of collecting enthusiasts. The organization provides an opportunity for collectors to buy, sell and trade and a forum for social interaction and fellowship for those interested in the hobby of arms collecting.

The MWCA covers a broad spectrum of arms collecting. This includes aboriginal weapons and antique to modern arms and edged weapons, and sporting collectibles, including ammunition, accessories and accouterments. The wide diversity of interest is one of the strong points and benefits of the group.

Membership of the MWCA stands at over 1,000, with a significant number of charter members still actively involved.

The MWCA presently sponsors up to eight meetings per year in the Twin Cities and Rochester. These are 300 to 600 table shows of 100% arms and accessories with exhibitors from all over the country.


Location: Buffalo MN Civic Center
Contact 1306 County Rd. 134 Buffalo, MN 55313 NO CITY , USA
(763) 682-4132