May 5 - October 13, 2010    Edmonton , Canada
Dress as you would for a interview. Most of the recruitment staff who come to fairs are hiring managers, human resources executives, and professionals from recruiting departments. First impressions matter. If two people have similar resumes, recruiters are like to choose the person who was dressed better or who had a better smile.

Come prepared with plenty of resumes. You also may wish to prepare more than one version that is industry or job specific; try to make your resume scannable as well.

Be prepared to initiate conversation with recruiters. Prepare a few lines of introduction that summarizes who you are, your education, experience and type of opportunities you are seeking.

Be prepared to for an on-site interview. Ensure that you intelligently articulate well thought out responses.

Understand that some recruiters may direct you to an on-line application process. Do not be discouraged as many recruiters have to comply with their company’s recruitment regulations. Use the opportunity to research ways to make your application more competitive. Find out how resumes are reviewed and what specific skills/experience they seek; also remember recruiters may be taking notes on candidates of interest.

Visit all booths. They may be recruiting for positions that you may not anticipate i.e. a financial institution may be recruiting for administrative jobs.

Be sure to follow-up. If a recruiter ask to you apply on-line or Nous joindre a specific individual make sure you do it.


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