June 14 - 18, 2011    Moscow , Russia
Warehousing equipment
Storage stands, elevating tables, conveyors, hoisting tackles, weights, elevators
Warehouse facilities
Auto loaders, trolleys, piling-cars, reach-tracks, electric trucks, collectors, tires, attached implements, drive batteries, battery chargers
Warehouse real property
Warehouse search, logistical operators, responsible storage
Building of warehouses
Floor improvement, bridges, rampant, industrial gates
WMS (warehouse management system)
For production warehouses, commercial warehouses, distributor warehouse
Equipment for automation
Bar code scanners, data collecting terminals, labels printers, consumables
Transport logistics
Freight traffic by: cars, railway; customs services, international traffic, unitized handling, sea handling, multimodal traffic, forwarding, delivery of package freight
Warehousing tare and packaging
Palletizers, depalletizers, pallet-packaging, strepping-machines, corrugated box molders, horizontal packers, corrugated box gluers
Consulting in logistics, leasing, customs services, insurance services


Location: Crocus Expo
International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo is one of the new, modern and future exhibition sites worldwide. The absolute leader in the size of exhibition space. The total area of three pavilions of..
Contact Krasnogorsk, 65-66 km Ring Road, Trade and Exhibition Complex Crocus City Moskva 143400 Moscow , Russia
+7 (495) 727-2524, 727-2626, 727-11-38

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