March 10 - 11, 2015    london , United Kingdom
Companies across the value chain will have to change their business models as the march towards cost-reduction takes hold. However, quality is key to the longevity of operating assets and profitability long-term or in secondary markets. How will the industry balance cost-competitiveness with quality? How will financiers judge quality and what will investors need to look for before they acquire operating assets?

Join us in London as we tackle major industry shifts which will impact your bottom line:

CfDs: How CfDs will change the economics of UK solar and how they will impact your projects economics?
Winning CfD Auctions: What would solar companies have to do to compete with other technologies like wind?
Grace Periods: Will grace periods gain state aid approval and what would happen to your projects if not?
MIP: What the expiration of the Minimum Import Price will do for your bottom line and a discussion on future possible anti-dumping legislation
Commercial Rooftops: How to be successful in the commercial rooftop market and how to negotiate and sign the best PPA
Rooftop Aggregation: Financial models to aggregate rooftop installations and make portfolios more attractive to long-term investors
Securitisation: How the solar community, financiers and investors really see yield cos and securitisation: bubble or future of solar finance?
Post-Subsidy Solar: What would a lack of subsidy mean for your business and how would it change margins?
Cost of Capital: What can developers, financiers and investors do to bring down the cost of capital?
Secondary Markets: How can you get the best price for operating assets through an effective O&M strategy?

This essential event will bring together solar developers, financiers, investors, lawyers, funders and other stakeholders to come together to discuss, learn and better understand the economics of solar in 2015 and how to maintain the huge momentum the industry has deliver


Location: The Grange Tower Bridge
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