January 27 - 28, 2010    london , United Kingdom
The operator case study-led programme delivers experience-based, proven insights which will be of direct relevance to your 2010 planning strategy. You will take away, practical lessons and ideas that you can apply to your job the minute you return to the office. The operator-led agenda will deliver current insights into:

* Developing shutdown and turnaround strategies to help maximise asset value
* Fostering a continuous process improvement environment to enhance shutdown management and embed a long-term shutdown culture in your organisation
* Improving integrity management across sites to save thousands on industrial insurance policies
* Identifying new technologies and techniques that can improve efficiency in and reduce the cost of performing vital TAR projects such as pressure cleaning and jointing replacement
* Implementing techniques to boost and maintain productivity within the TAR environment
* Executing outages as safely as possible and in compliance within HSE guidelines and requirements


Location: City Inn Westminster
Contact Twickenham , United Kingdom

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