November 12 - 14, 2010    Nagpur , India
Reinventing Business Growth Through Intelligent Information Technology & Optimization

If Information Technology (IT) is intelligent business (as is often referred to), Intelligent Information Technology (IIT) can be viewed upon as the recipe of smart business. Regardless of how much it has lost its market share as a result of recent economic upheaval, IT will continue to influence, amongst numerous others, the business environment to a very large extent. The issue is how will a particular organization harness its potential and optimize to which extent.

However, there is no room for dogmatism. IT/IIT will revolutionize business but won’t be, able to support the views of the so called “techno-utopians”- people who believe that technology can address even social problems. “Utopianism” – be it religious, agrarian or technological is a synonym for “ignorance” and “fanaticism”.

Nevertheless the ultimate benefits of IT & particularly IIT are unimaginable while the near terms are incredible. Keeping this in mind, ITBI-10 is being organized which would act as a forum for academicians/researchers/industrialists/students & even professionals like chartered accountants, bureaucrats etc. The goal is to disseminate information in the field of IT/IIT with special reference to business intelligence. With participation of persons of eminence relevant to this, we are absolutely sure that ITBI-10 will be an exhilarating learning experience for the participants.

In the light of this, let us mark the date 12-14 Nov’10 in our appointment calendar as destination Nagpur and pledge to converge at the sprawling but serene campus of Institute of Management Technology (IMT) to deliberate on the same.


Location: Institute of Management Technology Nagpur
Contact 603 Khuller Appts, Byramji Town Nagpur , India