September 3 - 5, 2010    Taizhou , China
Accompanying the growth of China's plastics for nearly 10 years, China Plastics Exhibition & Conference (China PEC) has become a representative plastics exhibition and business platform in China for plastics and takes place once a year. At present, China Plastics Exhibition & Conference(China PEC) is the only plastics exhibition supported by the Ministry of Commerce of China and it is also widely recognized by the industry as one of the most influential exhibition in China. China PEC has the biggest show area for plastic products and Moulds in China. Started from a regional exhibition, China PEC has grown up to be a prestigious national exhibition and now it is on the way to internationalization. It grows 15% in scale annually and in 2010,Nearly 600 companies will exhibit on 35,000 square meters (38,0000 square feet) with 1200 booths, 10,000 square meters will show the best and new plastic products coming from the whole country.


Location: Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition Center
Contact No.1, Tengda Rd., Luqiao, Zhejiang Provin Taizhou , China
+86 (0)576/82531122