September 11 - 13, 2012    Arlington VA , USA
In his brief, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta specifically noted the Air Force will “provide unmanned capabilities” and “global strike and persistent ISR” as they continue building towards 65 Combat Air Patrols (CAPs) – with surge capability to 85 CAPs – and procure additional unmanned aircraft such as the Global Hawk Block 40. Meanwhile the Navy – a big component in the Asia-Pacific region – will continue with their unmanned programs including BAMS, Fire Scout, UCAS, etc. and the Army and Marine Corps will do likewise with the Gray Eagle, STUAS and cargo UAS programs among others. Globally, international procurement will also remain strong continuing the UAS era.

This comprehensive conference brings together key officials and representatives from both government and industry that will examine the recent developments, most critical capability gaps, and likely future direction for unmanned aircraft systems.

Keynote SPeakers:

Major Shane Boyd-US Army,Mr. Jon “Blade” Hackett,Mr. Dave Gauthier,Captain Louis,Mr. Ron Stearns Casabianca-USNR,Mr. Rich Crooks,Mr. John Scull Walker,Mr. Jordan Ramrus,Dr. Al,Mr. Wayne Mcauliffe Ducharme,Mr. Wayne Mcauliffe and Dr. Al Palmer, Director


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