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DEMO Mobile 2013

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Mission Bay Community Center
San Francisco, USA

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17 Apr, 2013


Computers - General

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Join us for a one-day event focused on mobile. Why mobile? Mobile is sweeping its way through industry after industry, and is starting to move beyond smartphones, tablets, and other touch devices into cars, homes, wearable computing, gesture-based interfaces, voice-controlled technologies and robotics. Mobile is the most dynamic area of the technology industry with the most activity from startups to established companies. Millions of computing devices are being purpose-built to connect to the Internet. Tens of thousands of developers and startups are treating touch screens as a new canvas on which they are literally reinventing computing. The best product minds are focused on mobile right now and therefore so is DEMO.

DEMO Mobile will showcase a carefully cultivated selection of the most innovative mobile products across a variety of categories and industries, including apps, devices, social, local, games, enterprise, health, and commerce. Mobile is sweeping its way through industry after industry, and is starting to move beyond smartphones and tablets. Attendees at DEMO Mobile will catch a glimpse of where the mobile future is headed.

• Keynote Speakers
George Hu
Ray Kurzweil
Evan Williams

Organizer & Venue for DEMO Mobile

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Mission Bay Community Center
1675 Owens St.
San Francisco, , USA


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