10 May, 2014    Prague , Czech Republic

SPORT EXPO is a prestigious exhibition and sales fair of the complete portfolio of sporting goods, events and related services. Thanks to the fair’s highly effective link to the Prague International Marathon, the largest international running event in the CR,SPORT EXPO can guarantee high visitor rates and perfect targeting to athletes.SPORT EXPO is the only registration point for all 15,000 racers. The advertising campaign and the international renown of the race also attract over 30,000 visitors annually to the fair from the ranks of athletes. Out of these 30,000 people, each year up to 7,000 come from abroad, moreover -- according to the latest statistics -- with at least two accompanying persons!


Location: Prague Letnany Exhibition Centre
PVA (Prague Exhibition Centre in Letnany) was established in January 1998 as a result of a two-stage competition, held to find a partner to Prague City Council for the development of the building and..
Contact 199 00 Praha 18 Prague , Czech Republic
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