July 27 - 29, 2009    Jackson Hole WY , 米国
Caring for children and their families requires creativity, flexibility and innovation as we strategize the best approaches for their medical, developmental, behavioral and psychosocial needs. We revel in our interactions as we celebrate a healthy newborn, problem-solve behavior issues, or diagnose a complex medical dilemma. As clinicians caring for children, it is imperative that we stay current with new practice guidelines, diagnostic tools and pharmaceuticals, providing care that is both comprehensive and evidence-based. Join us in the magnificent setting of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for the 5th annual Hot Topics in Pediatric Primary Care conference, designed specifically for MD’s, NP’s, PA’s and RN’s from pediatric and family practice settings. This conference is guaranteed to improve your effectiveness in caring for children and their families in your offices, clinics, schools and communities. Bring your questions and challenging cases … our expert faculty will give you guidance and resources. And be prepared to hear information that will challenge your current practice and protocols. After all, isn’t that what continuing education is all about?


Location: Snow King Resort
連絡先 400 E. Snow King Ave., PO Box SKI Hole Jackson Hole , USA